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Blogging about Designing a Blog

I realize most of my latest posts are either about designing this site or just about blogging in general. I'm ok with that right now. One of the things I've been working on is my CSS. I've been slowly working through and cleaning some of it up.

I've also been trying to remove where I comment something out. I used to be afraid and think, "What if I want it back?!" But I've learned to be confident enough with my current skill level to know that ... I can. By redoing it. It's fine.

Additionally, I've been getting more comfortable with some other facets of the site (JS and liquid primarily). There are still some components where I've copy/pasted elements and then modified for my needs. I have to get better at noting those and giving attributions for those. The README.MD file may be the place to do it but I've kept my repo private for now -- not because I don't want to share it but because I want it to be cleaned up a bit more before I do.

Finally, going to work on cleaning up some tags, too. Sometimes I tag and post before I'm really settled on whether the tag was worth it so I end up having a lot of one-off tags (yes, some of that is because there aren't a ton of posts yet).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy some of the new design. Always feel free to drop me a line or find me on Mastodon, though you probably already have found me there if you're reading this.