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New Software in the Scheme of Things

If you read this with any regularity then you may know we went live with new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. Overall, the roll out went well. It is not without some continued challenges including people that just don't like or want change and want to tell me that, but I do think it went well. There are still some tweaks and fixes happening so it'll be some time yet before it's in a final state.

I'm writing this with a cat across my chest diagonally, so that's making typing it a little difficult but peaceful. It was a long lead up to the software and exhausting during the go-live week. Thankfully there was a holiday in it that broke it up but this peacefulness is needed at the moment.

Elections and humanity

In the scheme of all of this were the UK and French elections. I was following both and relatively certain of both outcomes. The UK went exactly as expected; the French elections, however, went completely -- and pleasantly -- unexpectedly. It gives me hope that whatever noise is in the press at time -- and in what limited polling suggests -- people can still coalesce around each other and around humanity.

I realize that sounds a bit naive and idealistic, but I need to feel idealistic right now with out own elections in the US not far away. These results don't solve the world's problems but maybe just give some hope.

The site

I know I will owe a post or two on some of the changes I've made to the site, especially the move to NeoCities. I'll hopefully get one or two together this week. It was a fairly easy move and not too difficult to move the domain and link to the GitHub repo, but I think the instructions miss a few steps so I'd like to clarify that.

I realize this is all a bit ... disjointed. But I just needed to get some words down and out of my head.

Here's something to listen to: South of Here by Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats.

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