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A blog entry about journal entries

As we move through our software implementation also during May, which is WeblogPoMo, I am spending a lot of time thinking and talking about journal entries. But not the kind you're thinking of.

We're changing our accounting system and some of the processes associated with it. One of those processes is how journal entries are submitted and recorded. It quickly became a contentious topic. Some folks felt like we were taking their job away. That wasn't the case - it was to refocus their job on what it should be, but I had to reflect on my communication on the topic. Perhaps I hadn't explained it well enough or provide enough detail? Or reinforce repeatedly that none of the changes we were making were to downsize positions but, rather, to make those positions more efficient.

I think I've adapted how I talk about these things now. My real goal is to help the staff - I truly believe they are overburdened in their work. I am steadfast in that their scheduled hours are working hours and anything beyond that is not. I want them to be efficient but with that comes some changes in how processes work (and some of those changes come because we are changing software).

Anyway, in all of it, I truly didn't think journal entries were going to be my hottest topic. But they are the building block of an accounting system and, thus, the ledger, so perhaps I should've given them their proper reverence during the process.

Here’s a listen for today: Ten Minutes by The Get Up Kids.

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