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Vacation all I ever wanted

Oops. I definitely lost my way after being away for a few days and now ... I'm a day away from leaving for a vacation. My first true vacation in a few years.

I've definitely gone on some trips but I missed more than I attended. I used to work in hospitality and, unfortunately, when my family on either side was planning a vacation, it usually coincided with when, you know, people were coming to where I worked and peak business for me. So this I will enjoy.

I think I'm mostly looking forward to just being away. It's been a pretty stressful five years. Not a typo. But I am going to really try and update this during the vacation. I do find it relaxing; it's just that the trip last weekend was a bit rushed with little downtime.

Anyway, I hope you're all well.

Here’s a listen for today: Giant Steps by John Coltrane.

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