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A Fresh Coat of Paint and a Move

After the move to the 11ty 3.0.0 alpha, I decided to do a little update on some of the design and colors. I added cards. I like cards. Don't @ me. I'll use them and I might even put cards in cards. Who knows.

I hope you enjoy the updated colors. I was going for something -- I don't know if it was retro video games or just vibrant colors but I wanted something that popped a little bit.

I also moved from Netlify to Neocities. I'm not sure if this was a boredom move or a useful one -- I think both. I don't think I needed everything Netlify had and Neocities seems like a nice place to park the site.

I'm going to do a little bit longer post on some of this. The Neocities move and custom domain setup was simple enough but I think the full directions are a little lacking.

Anyway, It'll All Work Out by Pedro the Lion off the new album for ya.

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